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Timothy Johnson

A Physics with Astrophysics graduate and level designer specializing in the Source engine. You can contact me here or by yelling really loud.

Personal 2017

Snakes on an Extradimensional Plane VR Game



Created for a VR Austin game jam in 2017 with Andreas Jörgensen and Fox Buchele

Personal 2015

Heist Time Game



Ludum Dare 32 entry - April 2015. One of the themes I didn't have any ideas for before the contest started, a hurried conversation over breakfast brought up the idea of a device that could send you or the target backwards in time, but only by 10 seconds. Two days later, this was the result.

Personal 2014

Docking Sim 2014 Game


Docking Sim 2014

Ludum Dare 31 entry - December 2014. A mix of Kerbal Space Program and Interstellar; just dock with the space station, though is that as easy as it sounds?

Personal 2013

Ludum Dare 26 Game


Ludum Dare 26

Ludum Dare 26, theme: Minimalism - 2013.

Personal 2013

Hexagons Game



One Game a Month project. Simple dice game whipped up in a weekend - early 2013.

Personal 2013



Hydrogen Alpha

One Game a Month project. Woefully overscoped and underfinished - early 2013.

Personal 2013

Finger Smash Game


Finger Smash

A simple game made late 2012 - early 2013.

Personal 2012

Joiner Tool

C++, Source Engine


A tool I developed in spring 2012 to aid in the construction of levels for the Source engine, primarily Team Fortress 2 but with the flexibility for other applications.

Personal 2011

ChaoCraft Texture Pack



A smoother alternative to the default Minecraft textures.

Whilst working on ChaoCraft I had three design goals for the pack, goals I didn't see met a lot of popular texture packs: it had to look smooth and unified but most importantly it must not fundamentally change what any item looks like so that newer players could still identify items correctly.