The online portfolio of

Timothy Johnson

A Physics with Astrophysics graduate and level designer specializing in the Source engine. You can contact me here or by yelling really loud.



A February 2013 game for #OneGameAMonth. It's like some kind of dual-stick roguelike-majigger called Hα.

If you want to leave me some feedback, particularly on the xbox controls, please get in touch with the email below or use twitter

        WASD L-Stick  -  Move
        Mouse R-Stick  -  Aim
        F A  -  Interact
        Space/L-Mouse R-Trigger  -  Fire/Use
        Tab X  -  Inventory
        C B  -  Drop Item
        Q/E Dpad Up/Down  -  Inventory select up/down
        R R-Shoulder  -  Reload
        M Y  -  Map view
        ESC Start  -  Menu