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A Physics with Astrophysics graduate and level designer specializing in the Source engine. You can contact me here or by yelling really loud.

Space Docking Sim 2014 2014


Third Ludum Dare of 2014 in early December and one of the first times I've had the time to participate and the sense to find a managable project for the time.

Use the rockets to align your ship with the space station docking port then gently bring your ship in and make a connection. There is a green marker on the gimbal, bring this to the top to align your ship's axis with the axis of the station (in Baby Difficulty, it is already perfectly aligned)

Use R to reset and T to change the difficulty, there are four settings:

Baby (just thrust towards and you'll align perfectly)

Standard (keep calm and you'll ace this too)

2001 (match rotational axis then start spinning!)

Interstellar (it's not impossible, it's necessary)

If you want to leave me some feedback, please get in touch with the email below or use twitter

All these controls are with respect to the forwards view from your cockpit

        W/S   -  Pitch Down/Up
        A/D   -  Yaw Left/Right
        Q/E   -  Roll Left/Right
        I/K   -  Thrust Forwards/Backwards
        J/L   -  Thrust Left/Right
        Y/H   -  Thrust Up/Down
        Left Shift (hold)   -  Use Main Engines
        Space   -  Look Through Window
        R   -  Reset Current Difficulty
        T   -  Cycle Difficulty